The article or letter that the link leads to is freaking weird.  I think this is a letter between Gladman and a fan/poet/author (?).  This guy discusses himself in the writing and opened ideas that I think we are getting close too.  There is a discussion of languages developed in our world that matches the opening of the Ravickians.  “That there is 4 languages being created, and trying to be understood.  one: your translator’s English meeting mine; two: yourRavic; three: the one that is made as these thresh; four: everything that is below the line, unable to be carried across in sense—the untranslatable crisis of this.”  That the complication of trying to convey thought through spoken word creates a “hunger” and that drive to commune.  He or she also discusses what Gladman had also mentioned in an interview: that the language is an architecture.  We (humans) create a community between two conversations.  The middle ground, the sentences, and the actions that have no definition may breed an understanding and develop a structure.  “Through reading, and now writing you, we create a kind of communal city…I imagine a nexus, mouth-to-mouth, a bridge of light and syllables that sisters itself, flanking cities, hybridizing them into a place of gloss. The architectures built and collapsed, slipped between, are made with languages that may not parallel. Your body’s language. Mine. Ravic. English. Ravic contracting through translation and translator into English — being made echoic and maybe hollowed. We meet here among the lingual debris.”  It was an interesting concept that started to put things in perspective where there was only inner conflict.  In summation, the feelings of complication we get from understand the language fluidity of this series maybe that “hunger”.  The “hunger” maybe the motivator to move through the “lingual debris” to meet in lingual community.


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