The notion of “location” as a “series of place” rather than one concrete spatial object is extremely intriguing to me as we move through The Ravickians. Most notably, early on in this novel, in the meeting of Anna Patova on the bridge – “Meeting a person on a bridge and standing there with her, not progressing to either end…” (33). This bridge is a “series of place” and a “series of encounters” much like Clifford describes in his essay on travel. 

While The Ravickians as a whole focuses more pointedly on language than its predecessor, the notion of travel is alive and while within the novel. However, travel is not as simple as a movement from here to there with definitive beginnings and ends. Much like this meeting on the bridge – while a concrete place, the meeting, the event, takes place over a span of places and times as the bridge connects these places and times.


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