I found this review (http://www.dzancbooks.org/the-collagist/2012/1/10/the-ravickians-by-renee-gladman.html) of the Ravickians, and found many interesting thoughts about perception and creation. One thing Tom DeBeauchamp says is: “the buildings of the city would continue to stand, but without Ravickians to interact with them, the city itself would cease to be.” I find this interesting in the context of our narrator in Event Factory, because it seemed that because she was an outsider, her interactions did not keep Ravicka intact, nor did they really disrupt Ravicka. If the insiders’ personal perceptions of Ravicka keep it from falling, can it really be thought of as one entity? In other words, even though all of the citizens interact with the elements of the city, how can it continue to be Ravicka if the perceptions are personal and/or different? Wouldn’t it then become something else?

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