The Urban Experience

An”urban” experience is one that we can see our narrator as having. A large focal point of the novel is how the narrator experiences her actions within the realm of her surroundings: cultural in both their physicality and their mentality. Simon’s “disappearance” behind a door to his “living space” is indicative of just this. Our narrator’s experience within Ravica is bound to a cultural understanding of Simon’s relation to his living space – why he retreats within the door, and, what exactly the door leads to. This is similar in point to our narrator’s experience with the “downtown” and the singular building she questions as to being this “downtown.”

What is this cityscape to our narrator as opposed to our native Ravickians? This is what the book aims to present. Of course the language barrier is representative of simply that – a language barrier. However, it also bolsters the claim that the narrator’s experiences in Ravica are quintessentially urban in their relation to city and functionality of city.


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