Similarities Between Books

I noticed some similarities between the books Foreign Correspondent and Event Factory. The biggest similarity is the two female main characters. They share many similarities that remind me more and more of each other as I read through the book. To start, Johnni in Foreign Correspondent is very open sexually. Although the narrator in Event Factory isn’t as blatant, she did mention a part in the book early on where she said something about looking sexy in case it was time to have sex. Also, the two of them are both very well articulated. This is perhaps the biggest similarity I have noticed between the two, because through this, they are both able to formulate thoughts creatively for the readers to enjoy. Adding to the similarities, there seems to be strong ties to physical locations. In Foreign Correspondent, Johnni is always mentioning the homeland that she is from and some form of attachment to it. As for the narrator in Event Factory, she goes to another place away from home, where everything is different. She becomes attached to the place as it proves a new challenge for her to adapt to.


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