While reading Belonging, Distance it was evident that when thinking about the chapter in relation to Event Factory, that our narrator is searching for a sense of belonging. Our narrator is trying so hard to match language with location, find where the people are, and join in with an areas group. The section of Event Factory that really proves to me that the narrator is interested in finding their place and not being a foreigner is the scene on pages 22-23 where the people standing around the table made an opening for the waiter and not our narrator who finally had the realization this it was in fact a private party. 

Our narrator also seems to never want to be alone. throughout the text and our second section of reading the narrator seems to want some form of companionship, in which she calls them ‘guides’. This is almost explicitly stated in the text on pages 81. “I needed someone again; it seemed I always would. I needed another to tell me, ‘You’ll find it,’ before I could go on… if I counted back from the point of my stink, having yet to come upon a body of water or a generous tap – was just over a week ago, and three days since my time with Ulchi.” 

It will be interesting to read more and see what happens with our narrator in this strange place that is something other than what they thought it to actually be. We don’t know much about the narrators identity as we stated in our last class, but at this point in the text, and after reading the Belonging essay, I hope that whatever the narrator is in search for, they find. 


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