Our unnamed narrator in “Event Factory” presents, ever so simply, as a tourist. But what is a tourist if not someone searching for something? And what is this something if not, perhaps, a sort of liberation? My question then becomes: a liberation from what? It seems that our narrator is constrained by the barriers of language that so plague our everday lives. She wishes to communicate with the place (Ravicka, in this case) that she inhabits, however, she is thwarted by the contraints of language. Both the spoken and written word are not enough to truly communicate – yet our narrator is unable to remove herself from the binds of this type of “communication.” She is so focused on the written and spoken word that she is unable to understand the presence of other, possibly more effective, types of “speaking.”

This, then, is where liberation must take place. Our narrator, perhaps a “typical” tourist. Trapped but what she knows and what she can hold and handle. But in order to engage in real communication – to understand the place she visits, the people she meets, etc – she must be liberated from the conventional understanding of language.

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