This past spring I had the pleasure of going to the New Writing series and hearing Renee Gladman read from this text. As well she spoke about her fascination with architecture and it is very evident within the text of Event Factory. Her use of language and how the narrator describes her surroundings is very unique and different. Reading the book I feel like I am looking at a blueprint and following a maze. I find it really interesting in the text that to enter places, for example the coffee shop that our narrator goes to, there are motions, and phrases that need to be said to enter. It reminds me of my childhood where I would block an entry way and ask for a password for people to enter. 

I am also a numbers person, I find patterns in numbers, and relate numbers to text, and colors, when the bus number was stated, for the bus to the skyscrapers, it was the number 32, I circled this. Later in the text on page 20 the narrator had to press the number 23 for the elevator, I am unsure if this choosing the numbers and having them be opposite was purposeful or not, but it was extremely interesting to me. 

The way this text is written, and the language is very different from what we have read thus far in the semester. I am looking forward to seeing where the text will take us and what this other world will end up being. 

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