The Last Secret

Since we have been discussing gender, my curiosity was increased when the narrator makes it known to us that this new child is a girl. (296) Is the female in the last chapter this child? Is the “cycle” that has been mentioned in class being started again? The narrator says “…and when I was not only the squid I could see it coming, a prophecy so sure it seemed a final memory, a history already past…” (302) and goes on to describe his wife giving birth and singing the “birth-song…more songs, one song to contain all others…all elements combining to make a world, to give that world a name, to give that name to a child, who might carry it forward, onward into…whatever other landscape she would make to call her own…” (303) I think there is a definite cycling pattern going on here, but I don’t think the exact same series of events will necessarily occur. I see this in terms of will and choice, and if this new female chooses the same paths as the females in the worlds before her, the same things may happen. Additionally, this goes to show that although the narrator in the novel seems to be the domineering character in the sense of appearances in the text and in the sense of power, the females seem to do more shaping and forming of the world – a much bigger power. 


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