The Garden of Eden

In this section of reading, we come close to learning the wife’s name. “[A]nd as I walked I rang out her name, voiced it forth into the air, made the shape of its three letters, vowel and consonant and vowel again” (227). I would bet my bottom dollar that the wife’s name is Eve. If this is the conclusion we are supposed to draw, this brings into question the connection between In the Dirt and the Garden of Eden. While it is a far from perfect place, the area in which they live is somewhat reminiscent of the Garden in that they are the only two living there (as husband and wife) and they live in a very primitive way. They live off of the land, much like Adam and Eve would have. 

Another aspect that is similar to the Garden are the themes of temptation that run throughout both stories. While Eve was tempted by the serpent, the husband in In the Dirt was tempted by the Fingerling. Both are creatures with evil intent, and when the characters yield to the temptations, they are met with disastrous results. 

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