Jealous of Creation

As we have discussed in class and on other blog posts, it is not altogether clear that the wife and husband are even human to begin with, and indeed none of the language used in the book thus far signifies this to me. One of the more interesting word choices or motifs that Matt Bell uses in describing the husband and wife is the mode of creation that they use to make things. There are occasional references to the wife sewing his clothing, or doing physical work on occasion, but for the most part she “sings” things into existence. Is this singing similar to casting a spell, or creating things from taking base materials and molding them with the power of voice? It is clear, (thus far) that the husband does not possess the ability to do this that the wife does.

I have interpreted some of his actions, especially earlier in the book, to be motivated by a jealousy about the closeness between the foundling and the wife. While it is true that he has been displaced in some ways by the foundling, perhaps his jealousy of the foundling and the fingerling stemmed from a jealousy over the wife’s ability or very nature to create in a way he cannot.


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