The Growing Home

The “growing home” in In the House… is obviously a fantastical concept. Home’s don’t simply add hallways and rooms and expand on their own. But, ignoring the fabulous that we see within the novel – why would their be a need for a growing home?
It appears to me that the home is a stand in for the progression of relationships within the novel – particularly, at this point, between the wife and husband. As the wife’s relationship with the foundling “expands” in a positive manner (as the foundling and wife become more attached and more “part of one another”) the husband’s relationship with the wife expands in a negative manner. Their relationship becomes fraught with hidden rooms and unknown corridors, much like the home they live in.
What is so interesting about this idea is that the growth of the home can be utilized, as a mentioned, to explain positive and negative movement within the relationship. In some instances, for example, the expansion of the home could be viewed as a good thing: growth, change, forward movement. Yet, the same advancement can be presented as a negative: unexpected, secretive, confusing.


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