The Uncanny

I am still rather interested in Steinberg’s Spectacle and some discussions we could have in regards to that collection. I’ve been wondering how it would be possible for Spectacle and In the House… to interact. While it would seem that the two pieces of work are far too different to interact positively, this may not be the case. 

We were asked to think about The Uncanny while engaging with In the House. And, although this idea of The Uncanny meshes well with In the House…I think that there are also many ways we can discuss The Uncanny in Spectacle. While the new novel certainly engages more with ideas of The Uncanny on a base level, it is certainly apparent that the emotional themes of Spectacle exist in a similar realm. The words and feelings of Steinberg’s narrator are familiar, maybe even particularly so to a female audience. Her emotions are something that I feel to have encountered before. They are familiar, I know them. But they are also so painfully unfamiliar. I do not know the narrator, I feel separated and confused by the contextualization of the words and the simultaneous depth, and lack of depth, of the emotions presented. In the House deals with The Uncanny more “traditionally” (if this can be said?) insofar as Bell engages more blatantly with a spectrum of real and unreal. Steinberg works with The Uncanny, just on a more limited spectrum.

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