Interesting Start

I am sure many of you are as equally perplexed and disgusted (and strangely intrigued) as I am with the beginning of Matt Bell’s In The House. When reading the book at first, I thought that Bell was speaking symbolically of the happenings in the text. To my dismay, I came to the realization the man actually swallowed the stillborn. Despite the graphic content inside the novel, I am intrigued by the descriptive wording that Bell uses.

I couldn’t help but notice a bit of a similarity between these first 50 pages and the book Kind One. The most striking similarity is the lengths the narrator goes through in order to keep the baby a part of him. He takes it to the extreme by eating it. This reminds me of Kind One, when Ginny would pick at her scab in order to remind herself of who she became and what happened to her. I feel like by swallowing the fingerling, the narrator was trying to keep that baby a part of his life even though it is time for him to move on, much like Ginny.


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