The Act of Leaving

The stories of Spectacle contain many different potential topics for discussion. The notion of places, and leaving, is what interested me the most throughout the stories we were to read for today’s class. These stories had an interesting discourse between the notion of “place” and the idea of moving from this place. Our unnamed narrator, for example, brings up Baltimore many times, mentioning, essentially, that the place is a “shithole” and that, “if you know the place, you know what I mean.”

What most interested me about this notion of movement throughout places is that the movement seemed to be focused primarily on leaving. In a place there are three “main” notions of movement, coming, staying, and leaving. By this, I mean, there are three distinct ways to exist in a place. However, our narrator, no matter the story, constantly focuses on leaving. Whether it is to leave a bed after a “hook up” or to leave a town. It can even be as convoluted as not being in the correct place, due to leaving.

I see this as a discussion on running. The leaving is so focused upon because the narrators, and other characters in the stories, leave in order to run away from an issue. The movement moves away from coming or staying to indicate that there is something worth leaving from – a dreary outlook that focuses on the motivation of movement.


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