Cell Block Tango

This is an interesting book to read in contrast to what we have read thus far in the semester. To me it seems as someone else stated in their blog post, that this is multiple narrators. What I find really interesting about the text itself, is the two different styles being used every other story. It will be interesting to read farther along and see perhaps why it was written this way, or what it adds to the text. It already seems very poetic. Reading ‘Underfed’ with no period just colons, commas, and semi-colons, was very interesting, I especially liked the wording a flow of the top of page 17, “This is not meant to be; it was not, me and him, meant to be; I said, This is not meant to be, on the ride home from our final hike…” The repetitiveness of the text is intriguing. 

As well while I was reading, I noticed after each beginning that I felt like I was listening to a song from the movie Chicago, The Cell Block Tango. It is the one where each girl is in their ‘cell’ telling their stories for why they are locked away. I know that the characters in ‘Spectacle’ are not in jail, but as I read on in the stories, it felt like they could put these to a jazz tune and speak them in prose. There seems to be a sort of humor to more serious emotions in the text. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KA6R1DMb-Z8     ——-link to cell clock tango.


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