On Disconnectivity & Narrative Style

In starting to read the stories in Spectacle, one of the most jarring features thus far has been Steinburg’s writing style. In a word, the narratives seem disjointed, collages of paragraphs and words together on a page, constantly deviating and from referring back to themselves, with phrases and words often repeated. I find that it is difficult to hone in on one specific story because most of them are conveyed so similarly (save for “Underfed”, whose visible connectedness, i.e. lack of paragraph breaks, felt both refreshing and unsettling among the others).

I also feel like all of these stories are being told by the same narrator, almost as some kind of apology: “I am sorry I am who I am and here is why”. There’s no reason within the text to think this, but to perceive these stories as interconnected is of comfort to me, acting as a solid basis where otherwise none would exist. I feel like if I did not do this, I would have difficulty caring for the narrator(s), perhaps because the stories are so short and emotionally detached that I have little material with which to empathize. Knowing this, I can’t decide if I like the way they are written or not.


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