Chapter 65

In this chapter, we find Katherine discovering that the triage tent that she had set up alongside her soup kitchen was not actually doing anything but torturing Norwegians (formerly known as Gypsies). Eventually Katherine is able to sneak herself in and discover the atrocities that are being ordered by her father. Upon first reading, this chapter seems just another example of the Judge and the RedBlacks’ authority and their power and domination over the Norwegians, however, with some further thought, this chapter reveals to the reader an obvious weakness of the RedBlacks.

I have noticed in class that people have continued to distinguish those on the Norwegian’s side of the war going on in Avian Gospels as being “against power.” While this is correct in terms of their being against the Judge’s power, I would say that very few characters are actually “against power” in this novel, and that, in fact, every one is after power. But what this chapter is doing is revealing the RedBlacks’ near absolute loss of power. That these “doctors” immediately go into torturing every single person who walks into the triage tent, regardless of anything that differentiates each person from another – including knowledge that most may not have of Morgan – shows an obvious paranoia that the RedBlacks are developing. Before this chapter, there are multiple signs that the power of this unnamed country had shifted from the RedBlacks to the Norwegians/Gypsies, but it was not until chapter 65 that this power shift had reached its near completion.

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