What came first?

Changes are starting to occur quite rapidly within The Avian Gospels, and as I try to keep up with all of them I have found myself losing or forgetting the causes of some of these changes. Zvominir has stepped out of the background and is now trying to rise above Jane – but why? He does not agree with Jane’s anti-confrontational attitude and doesn’t like her telling him what to do, so there is an answer. However this leads me to reach back and ask why he even joined her in the first place. For Morgan? For himself (at this point it seems like it is more for himself)? Why would Jane want Morgan’s father working with her, since she knows he lets himself get stepped on by the RedBlacks? All of these questions for only these two characters. Never mind the ones I have about Katherine, Mike, the Judge, Morgan, the RedBlacks, and the narrator(s). What caused all of the changes in those characters? Well, based on the the beginning of the novel when we are introduced to the infinite bird population I would say the bird invasion is what caused all of these chain reactions and “allowed” these characters to end up how they are, and ultimately continue to change them. 

One problem with this: what caused the bird invasion? This mysterious war with Hungary continues to surface, and the narrator continues to hint at an event that came before the birds. So where does it actually all start, and can we pinpoint a starting point? In his discussion with us, Novy mentioned cataclysm, and how we are surrounded by events that set off further events or changes to people and place. I think he is using a cataclysmal setup to show us how out of hand things can get, and he speeds up time at the end of the novel to show that changes can not only happen at slow paces and over longer periods of time, but at faster rates and with more chaos. 


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