Women in control

Much of The Avian Gospels is centered around Morgan and other figurehead male characters. The Judge is meant to be the prime example of power and leadership in a judicial and orderly sense. Zvominir is a figurative head of spirituality in regards to the birds and his powers. Morgan is the “face” of revolution. But, delve a bit deeper and it seems that these men hold very little power on their own. Whether directly, or indirectly, it seems, the true ruling class of The Avian Gospels is the women the men are surrounded with.

Judge Giggs is unable to function without the approval of his daughter, Katherine. While is actions themselves may not change directly because of her – his attempts to conceal these actions do. It is necessary for the Judge to remain human in the eyes of his daughter so his efforts to hide his brutalities grow as her eyes widen to the world. His wife also has unspoken control of him. While he would not ever admit to this, his actions are indicative of her power over him. Her depression over their lost son propels the Judge to act in a way that may alleviate him of some blame for Charlie’s death.

Morgan is controlled by sexual urges. First in regards to Jane, then Katherine. These sexual needs and desires are those that can only be fulfilled by women. It appears that he follows actions of revolt in order to gain a sexual advantage. Gaining this “advantage” actually disadvantages him to women as they own him. Zvominir, then, while not directly controlled by women, is controlled by Morgan’s sex fueled and female run actions. Zvominir’s only desires are to keep Morgan alive, and find him a better life. Yet, he is unable to control Morgan, whatsoever, because Morgan is unable to gain control of his actions from Jane and Katherine.


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