Venus Flytraps

I noticed that Venus Flytraps have been mentioned several times in the last couple of sections. I did a little research, and found out that they are native to North and South Carolina (sort of nearish to Oklahoma). I also found that there is a closely related species that has been known to eat birds. The last we saw of Morgan, he had jumped into a river of Venus Flytraps to escape from his pursuers. The idea that Morgan jumped into a sea of plants that eat birds seems important–he seems to be disappearing to a place where birds to not exist. By running away he has shirked his responsibilities as a de-birder, as well as the many consequences for his actions. This also brings into questions what the birds represent–a question we have not fully explored. The Gypsies believe that the birds are people who have died. I think it’s possible the birds represent demons from the past, and by jumping into the river of flytraps, Morgan has run away from his demons. Past the river is Oklahoma, which may be Morgan’s place of refuge. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that despite what the Judge says, Oklahoma may be a “better” place than the city. 


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