The worst?

“The Worst Is Not So Long As We Can Say ‘This Is The Worst'” (269)

This quote from King Lear is included after the big chase of Morgan, and before the tutor demands that the RedBlacks kill all of the members of the band. The fast-paced, murderous scene and the stark switch in the tutor’s used-to-be calm, nonviolent manner makes me question Novy’s rationale regarding the movement of the novel, as well as the sanity and rationality of these characters. They seem to be changing very fast, and I wonder if we will be seeing this same kind of acceleration with other characters and for the rest of the novel. To me it does not seem like the characters are acting rationally, but then again have they ever been? When will “the worst” really come, and will it seem worse than the events we have been presented with thus far?


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