Changing Form of Novy’s Characters?

I’m interested in the changing form of these characters. We agree that they are flat when we first meet them – perhaps echoing the flatness our own society tends to ascribe to heroes, villains, and the unknown (the outsiders), especially during times of peril, as Novy relates to 9/11. We have our own Morgans (rebellious youth), our own loving and sacrificing parents (the Zvominirs), our own gypsies (people we label and separate, though they may not be too different from ourselves). I’m wondering if this flatness is shifting at all as we learn more about the characters, and as they seem to learn more about their situations and the people around them. We’ve already seen a shift in Morgan, for example; we now know his fear surrounding Jane’s uprising, and we’re able to recognize the emptiness in his rallying for liberation and justice from the RedBlacks in the first section of the book. He was reactant, but not deeply so; we know his worries now, and his apprehension. Does that make him a “deeper” character? Is the flatness ebbing away? I’m just not sure — changes like this are shaping multiple characters all around Morgan, too. We’re coming to know more about Katherine’s feelings, or at least, learning more about her actions (with the soup kitchen, her responses to Morgan, towards her father). With the tutor, we’re actually privy to his emotional responses to many things; he takes time to share what’s going on in his head. And we engage with him as his undergoes tremendous change — from passive, submissive teacher to a figure more volatile, violent, dangerous. With the changing actions displayed by the characters, I feel like I’m engaging with much more information about them — maybe not information that’s directly didactic regarding their emotions and inner thoughts, but certainly more knowledge about how they operate, and what choices they make regarding their physical movement throughout their daily lives. I’m not sure what exactly this does to my interpretation of these characters, which at first seemed to strictly embody clichés … does an increase in plot activity correlate with more complicated characters?

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