It seems that most if not all of the characters in Avian Gospels that undergo radical personal change do so after reconceiving their positions of power/influence.  Relationships with violence are a key part of these personal changes.   Jane, for example, more fully understands her position at the bottom of the social hierarchy after her brother, Billy, is killed by an authority figure.  In Jane and the Gypsy’s/Norwegian’s conception of Billy’s death, Billy died for no reason and the threat of such a possible death affirms Jane’s inferior social position.  After newly understanding her position, Jane changes her beliefs on pacifism and becomes a terrorist, engaging in acts of violence she previously would have condemned.  The tutor, once a reluctant participator in violence, undergoes a major personal transformation after he fully realizes that he has no influence over Katherine sexually.  The tutor finds himself with less power over this girl than the might-as-well-be Gypsy, Morgan and after this realization, he willfully engages in violence.  SPOILER ALERT (I think) Zvominir undergoes profound change after he realizes in the tunnels that he has the same power over the Norwegians that Morgan has/had.  Where he previously avoided violence and confrontation with authority, after realizing the extent of his influence over the people of his city, Zvominir takes to intensely violent behavior to insist upon his own power.  Perhaps the only character in this novel that undergoes radical changes to their values as a result of a new conception of their hierarchal positioning and does NOT become more violent is Morgan.  Though once an aggressive boy seeking justice through violence, as Morgan gains more and more influence over the people of his city (initially by making his first friends and then by being worshiped by the Norwegians) he becomes less and less interested in violent behavior.  


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