Without Morgan

In this stretch of the text, Morgan disappears, and it seems to me that his absence allows for a lot of the character developments that we’ve been waiting for and expecting. For example, Katherine disobeys her father outright, recognizes how he has been manipulating her, becomes more strategic in her attempts to cause her father trouble (such as when she replies to Morgans letter to throw him off and when she robs the banks to make him look bad). Also, Zvominir’s love for his son is even more apparent than it had already been – he admits that he wishes he’d known his son better – and he even recognizes the way that family helps him to feel more at ease. Even Jane seems to become more sentimental as she takes care of Zvominir, although this may just be her way to manipulate him to join her side – I’m not really sure about that one. Either way, this change can be attributed to Morgan’s absence. Finally, Mike seems to change. His change has more to do with the struggle among Morgan, Tom, Gus, and Mike than it does with Morgan’s actual absence though. Where I most noticed a change in Mike (or at least an emergence of one of his characteristics that may have been there all along) was when he sees his mother about to be hurt, and he reacts very emotionally. He really seems to care about her. I don’t think there had been much indication of that before this point.

On another level, with Morgan out of the picture (at least temporarily), the narrator has a chance to focus on the other characters more exclusively than it/he/she/they had been able to in the past. 

My question now is this: What is causing us to see this change? Does it really have to do with Morgan’s absence? And if it does, is it just that without him, we are able to see what we couldn’t before? Or is it that Morgan actually had some sort of power over the other characters that kept them from developing? Or, is the character development just a product of the plot development – the characters had to change because they had to react to their changing environment?


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