Katherine and Impending Doom

An authority figure that has become more explicit in this section of reading is Katherine Giggs. Her naivete regarding her father’s actions made her seem harmless up to this point, however in chapter 35 the narrator makes some interesting claims by using interesting language that makes me believe Katherine will develop into a more threatening or dangerous character, although perhaps not in the violent manner in which her father operates. In this chapter, the condition of the soup kitchen she works in is described in more detail, and although “she was technically still angry at” her father, Katherine uses his power in order to acquire new appliances and better quality food for the soup kitchen. This made me think about possible ways in which exerting force and/or power is necessary or positive – Katherine wants to improve the conditions for the Gypsies who frequent the soup kitchen, but she uses her name and her powerful father (who we know is responsible for the deaths of many Gypsies) to guarantee this improvement. She also fired the woman “in charge” of the soup kitchen, because she was lacking the “ambition” that Katherine had. This made me wonder about the extremes Katherine may go to get her way. 

In this same chapter, the narrator makes a statement regarding Katherine telling the new hire Kurt to build a medical facility near the kitchen: “At her request -a polite word for ‘command’- Kurt built a tented medical facility…” (212, lines 74-75) which adds to my wonder about the identity of the narrator. Are later events and/or later negative actions of Katherine’s influencing the narrator to describe her request as a command? So far, I cannot depict Katherine commanding anyone to do anything, but this chapter has started to change my mind about that. Also, in chapter 37, lines 25-39, I really start to suspect that Katherine has a part in whatever catastrophe the narrator has survived. It will be interesting to see how Katherine’s power further develops, and how her additional power over Morgan effects the direction of The Avian Gospels


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