Who is WE

The mystery of the narrator/narrators gets more and more complex as the novel goes on. We talked about how the narrator must be someone in the future, as first person plural is used. Jane’s character also gets more complex, and in this section of the reading she becomes more rebellious and brave than we have previously seen her, as a consequence of Billy’s death. The narrator’s voice gives us more clues as to who the speaker may be in chapter 23 because a position against Jane is taken:

“They-we-were helpless, and we knew it…this terror stuff is easy, she mused. Who needs armies? She was poor, and lived in the sewers, so nothing could be taken but her life, while we had homes, jobs, children, hopes, dreams and possessions we adored, which all gave meaning to our lives…Our privilege made us vulnerable.” (pg 157, lines 76-85)

The “they” is referring to RedBlacks, so is the narrator a used-to-be RedBlack or someone from the social class of the Giggs family? It seems the narrator(s) had all of the things listed before Jane started her acts of violence and rebellion, so what cataclysmic event is to come that stripped the narrator (and others) of these things? What can be worse than the bird situation and the violent way of life the narrator is currently describing??


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