Knowing, Truth, & Misinformation

When Adam Novy visited our class we discussed the importance of misinformation to the novel. Knowing, to The Avian Gospels, is a state as ever-changing as any emotion. To know is not an absolute truth, but rather something developing and mobile.

This appears throughout the novel not only in our knowledge of actions and but, perhaps more importantly, in our knowledge of people – and of one’s knowledge of others, and themselves. This is – to Billy, first and foremost, Morgan is brave. Billy gets himself killed due to his incorrect perception of Morgan’s bravery that does not actually exist. Billy is then heralded as a martyr in death, even though he was responsible for the death of an innocent girl. Misinformation runs rampant through the Gypsy community in regards to Morgan’s powers and Billy’s martyrdom.

What came to me as the most vital piece of information, however, is Morgan’s inability to truly understand himself. He is, simply put, horrendously misinformed of his own wants, needs, and abilities. In Morgan’s mind he wishes to overthrow the Redblacks and the tyranny that is the Judge’s rule. Yet, when given the opportunity – when put in a situation that allows him to rebel against the ruling class that so bothers him Morgan seems out of place and scared. He is not at all, to himself, what he appears to others. He is not strong and brave and capable. He is quite cognizant of this fact, however, come the middle to later end of the book, and this throws him into a seeming pit of turmoil. Who are we if we are not who we present ourselves to be?


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