It seems to me that the Avian Gospels is simultaneously trying to familiarize and disorient its readers. I was interested in the discussion last class about the use of cliches in the text. Jane and Katherine fall for bad boy Morgan, and it seems that a Romeo and Juliet type romance might occur between Morgan and Katherine. While some of the story line seems to be very cookie-cutter, there’s details that make the text unique and I believe are meant to defamiliarize us. For instance, the infestation of birds and the impossible geographic location of the country, as well as Zvominir and Morgan’s bird controlling powers. The cliches in the book are cliches for a reason-they happen all the time. I think Novy is using details like the birds to say something about these cliches. Perhaps he is trying to disrupt a standard way of thinking. I think this ties in to what Novy said about other 9/11 books assuming that when a disaster occurs, people realize that life is precious (or something along those lines). Novy disagreed with that assumption, saying that life is always precious and it doesn’t take a disaster to realize it. I think Novy is working to dismantle these common ways of thinking in the Avian Gospels.

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