Father and Son

To be honest, I find Morgan to be a completely unlikable character. I’m not sure if that was Novy’s intent, or if some redeeming quality will be revealed in later chapters, but so far I am not able to sympathize with his character at all. He is eager to act on his impulses without thought for his father, who seems to do everything he can to protect his son. “Morgan tried to wiggle from his father’s protection, and he punched at the soldier, but the soldiers whacked his face with their gunbutts, and kicked out his feet. Zvominir did his best to intervene; Fuck off, dad, they said, and hit him too. Zvominir crawled across the body of his son and pleaded as kicks struck his ribs, and his son’s, and their wounds bled again” (84). Morgan seems to have some sort of contempt for his father. I think it’s possible it stems back to his mother’s death, and that Morgan in some way blames his father. I think his urge to fight without thought for the consequences is an urge to avenge his mother’s death. Perhaps he thinks that the government is in some way responsible for her death–maybe for putting his parents in a situation in which they were unable to attain medical care. I’m eager to understand Morgan’s thinking because without any explanation for his state of mind I will find it hard to care about his fate, which I suspect will not be favorable.



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