A Godly Force?

While reading through Novy’s Avian Gospels we are well aware of the birds. However, what we remain unsure of – and what the narrator and our main characters seem unaware of – is from where the birds came. On page 90 the thing that brings the birds is described only as a “force.” There is nothing specified about the arrival of the birds, and even those men who control them have no notion of what brings them.

The purpose of this seems to have two roots. One, in bringing forth a connection to the power of God. God giveth and God taketh away – the pestilence of the birds cannot be qualified, much like an act of a higher power. There is then, no humanity in the birds. As a physiological being birds are so separate from humans, they occupy another space entirely. Thus their “magical” appearance takes them even further from the realm of man.

The space between man and bird then brings forth the second reason for the mystery of the birds, and this is to create a fear greater than a man-made and recognizable entity could. We spoke about this in class when Adam Novy was present and he discussed how the birds and the mystery of them allows the swarm of birds to exist as a much more frightening disaster than, for example, a terrorist attack.

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