The Birds

The relation of this text to Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds seems pretty undeniable (or at least difficult to overlook), but I saw the movie about eight years ago, so I thought I’d watch some trailers/clips of The Birds to see what connections I could see, just as a starting point.

In this first one (, Alfred Hitchcock talks about the movie (misleading viewers about the tone and genre of the movie) and about human interactions with birds. It’s really funny, and his sarcasm warrants some discussion alongside The Avian Gospels. It seems pretty clear in this trailer why Hitchcock believes birds might want to attack humans (Although they aren’t actually attacking anyone in The Avian Gospels (yet? We’ll see, I guess.), they are certainly causing a nuisance and catalyzing violence.), but why do they want to cause trouble in The Avian Gospels?  Also, Hitchcock mentions sympathizing with birds (or understanding how they feel), which is interesting because of the relationships that Morgan and Zvominir have with the birds. There is definitely sympathy there, at least from Morgan.   One of Hitchcock’s sarcastic comments also mentions “blinding sunlight,” which was interesting to me because Novy brings up the sun and the sky on multiple occasions, such as when it is mentioned that the sun hardly reaches the streets in the ghettos, and again when the narrator comments on the sky in great detail when Morgan and Zvominir are on their way to the Giggs’ house. The narrator even notes that the sun is “yellow and painful to look at” (blinding sunlight) (Novy 35). Later, the narrator notes the irony of the sky (it’s both vast and prison-like) (56), which parallel’s Hitchcock’s sarcastic commentary on the way that human’s cage birds. 

In this second trailer (which says it was made for a class project) (, what I noticed was one of the women’s concern for “the children” and getting them out of harm’s way. Parenting and protecting one’s children is already a great concern in the first 60 pages of The Avian Gospels.

Finally, in this short clip (self-proclaimed “fan trailer”) (, the woman screams, “Why are they doing this?” and then “Who are you? What are you? Where did you come from? I think you’re the cause of all this! I think you’re evil!” We already see similar accusations, concerns, and fears surrounding Bird Man and Bird Boy in The Avian Gospels. Why did they come to this place? Why can they control birds? Surely the people who believe them to be Gypsies (not Swedes) do not understand where they came from. And maybe it’s just a matter of time before people start blaming and acting hostile toward them (Bird Man and Boy). 


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