What’s In a Name

The very last part of the book, entitled “Lucious” sheds some light on what a name means. Lucious states that he hates his name and wishes he had his originally given name instead. He says to Ginny, “Call me Joseph and I will call you Ginny, and we will be called our true names” (Hunt 210). Ginny purposely chooses to use a different name, perhaps in an attempt to get away from who she used to be when her life was good. Lucious, however, had no say in the matter of his name. This bit about desire for a name also ties into slavery, because the slaves were all given names that were not the ones they were born with. This might be a way of Ginny showing she is not anything more than a slave herself, going by a name that is not rightfully hers. Lucious’ name came to him through a dream his father had. This can tie into Linus Lancaster’s fascination with dreaming, as he always had spoken of his dream of owning his own “paradise”. Finally, when Lucious says that he tried to “give back” his name to a woman, he finds that Lucious will always be his name no matter what he does about it. Your name represents who you are and will remind you of where you’ve been.


One comment on “What’s In a Name

  1. dankrouse says:

    I find it curious and maybe with purpose that the names of the characters were chosen. “Lucius” is connected etymologically with light, while that of Joseph is “to be taken away”.

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