Following our in class discussion on the religious themes of Kind One i became interested in how characters were interacting with these themes.

Namely, I found myself wondering if Ginny character is meant to be a representation of “paying penance” for past deeds in order to enter in to heaven. In order to be seen as good under God one must repent their sins before death, and with this repenting they must often pay a penance.

Ginny partook in the evil that Linus Lancaster brought upon his home and those within it. However, she may be seen as Cleome and Zinnia as “worth saving” in a manner of speaking. Cleome and Zinnia do not think twice about murdering Linus – he is evil past repentance. However, Ginny is kept alive and made to engage in acts meant to, perhaps, cleanse her of her evils by experiencing them herself.

On Ginny’s behalf she accepts these punishments with the ideal of one who wishes to be accepted into heaven. Zinnia tells Ginny, “You can keep digging holes until your hands fall off, Mother…” “I will, I [Ginny] said. Ginny, for her part, seems to accepting of these punishments and aware that she is acting in order to bring herself into the “paradise” she so dreamed about.


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