Lucius vs. Joseph

At the end of the novel, Lucious Wilson tells us the story of his name, and how he wanted to be Joseph rather than Lucious. I had some knowledge of Joseph from the bible, so my curiosity for the significance of the name “Lucious” was sparked by Lucious’ father’s insistence that his name was not Joseph.

I could not find a lot of information on Lucius of Cyrene – what I did find was that he was a prophet and teacher of the church at Antioch. In Kind One, Lucious seems to be one of the most stationary characters, and his kindness to Ginny and the soldier he tells us about makes me believe he fits the description of his namesake very well. Joseph, in the bible, was sold into slavery by his brothers, thrown into prison, but was a hero and savior to the people of Egypt. If Lucious in the novel was in fact Joseph, I wonder if this character would have had more action surrounding him and less subtlety with his aid to Ginny, Zinnia, and Prosper. 


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