Biblical Choices

It’s been a large part of the story Kind One, Biblical themes.  I think I tended to feel that there was direct correlations between the Bible and the events being played out.  Or that there is a metaphor in the Kind One to Biblical ideology or something.  But I feel that was a mistake.   I think there is a few Biblical themes we can look at to explain what’s happening.  There was no burning bush but at that point in Moses’ life he was ridden with guilt and in exile.  God spoke to him to go deliver his people and he went on his journey.  I don’t know if there really is any direct parallels but the themes and ideas of making a choice in certain dispositions are very true.  To continue on the Moses idea, when Moses was commanded he had the choice to truly follow the commandment.  When Ginny was given choices she chose the options that lead to worlds of pain and very different and weird environments.  She went to where demons dwell.  I feel her consciousness of her choices lead her to her miserable acceptance of her disposition.


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