Laird Hunt Interview

Laird Hunt Interview

This is an interview with Laird Hunt by BookForum. One of the more interesting points I think is when he discusses the conflicting roles that Ginny plays as oppressor and helper.

“All I knew was that she was neither mere victim, nor entirely oppressor and that she had lived a long life since her youth amid the horrors of ante-bellum slavery. My sense of why it is possible to feel empathy for Ginny, one-time wife of a cruel slave owner, is that she herself, through the act of telling her story, comes to feel some small measure of it for her former self. She is horrified by what she did and by what was done to her (not just at the reversal point in the narrative, not just by Cleome and Zinnia, not by any means) but she also comes to understand some of it, understand the fury that was in her, that was in Cleome and Zinnia, the fury that was in the whole surround. Agency exists even in shadow, shadow deep enough to drown us all.”


One comment on “Laird Hunt Interview

  1. jaredescobar says:

    I feel that what the roll of Alcofibras was used to guide her through her experiences. A lot like Virgil he takes her through hell and baring his own scars to mirror back things she has done or allowed to have done or just the environment of American slavery. This thought came to me in particular when Alcofibras said, “This is the way of the world.” A blatant explanation of the turning tide of time. Tied in with her dad’s comment with “The land is the land and the land washes itself clean.” I tend to gravitate to ashes to ashes and dust to dust. With that being said I feel this skeletal explanation of the way of the world is as dark and bleak as the world they live in. The wrong doings will always happen, they will return to you, and every essence of you will waft away in the end.

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