Biblical references

In Kind One, the bible has been playing a large role. I am not very familiar with the bible, but upon discussion of this book with my roommate who is more familiar with it than myself, mentioned to me that a lot of the themes we are discussing in class such as wells, tongues, red are mentioned throughout ‘the holy book’. My roommate mentioned that each of those things represent different aspects of the devil and hell. I find the references and the presence of god very interesting throughout the book. Especially in the very first section of todays ready. When Ginny/Sue goes to the river with Lucious Wilson and The Woman. It seems as though they are there for a baptism. When it is Ginny’s turn to step forward into the water the water moves away from her and there is an absence of the minister saying amen in the end. It is as though God is not present within her and she has a lack of faith. Being without something of higher power to believe in leaves someone waiting for bad things to continuously happen. Even when she becomes a school teacher she has a fear and almost post traumatic stress disorder of her former life. She has no faith in herself even when Lucious Wilson proposes to her she turns him down because even though he is her hope and savior, she has a fear that all will turn to hell again. 

I am curious to see how the biblical references will continue to play a role within the novel. Ginny has been in her own living hell for most of her life, and the reader does not see any glimpse into a happier more safe life for her. 



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