Our narrator is really two characters; one person but two characters, possibly more. Scary Sue, formerly Ginny Lancaster, opens up by telling us that she once “lived in a place where demons dwelled;” that she “was one of them.” What’s important here is the indication of was. In the beginning, despite telling us that she never really did anything for Cleome and Zinnia, she tells us quite a few kind and tender things that she had done for them, including aiding them when they were sick, helping them through their flowering as women, and even occasioning to protect them from Linus when he meant them harm. But then we see the drastic change, albeit narrated rather gradually, from her into an abusive authoritative figure like Linus. And for quite some time Ginny Lancaster becomes a terrible character. This shift from generous and kind to abusive and distant comes about when Linus starts to “visit” Cleome and Zinnia at night. Jealousy is what prompts it; Jealousy fueling revenge.

Once Linus is killed, once Cleome and Zinnia are free from under his authority, they see to it that Ginny is punished, not simply killed like Linus was, but punished. Then we see the end of Ginny’s abuse or want of abuse, because there is no more need for it; Linus is dead. If anything, she understands and accepts what the two girls are doing to her. Ginny Lancaster dies as well, or at least the Mother persona of Ginny that Linus forced upon her. She was a demon, like Linus was, in that place they dwelled, but that had passed. Perhaps now we’ll see further the birth and development of not-so-scary, Scary Sue.


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