The silence of the [pigs]

   When I was reading the passage about pigs being slaughtered, and Ginny’s description of her reaction to their dramatic deaths, I was reminded of the scene in The Silence of the Lambs when Clarice explains her passion for detective work: when she was a little girl, she heard lambs being slaughtered, and their screams haunt her, forcing her to work to save human innocents. 

   With strong themes of revenge, freedom, and redemption in this text, it only makes sense that Ginny would have a similar reaction to the screams of the pigs. We’ve already discussed the parallels between the slaves and pigs drawn in other passages, so the metaphor becomes deeper: Ginny is haunted by the screams of helpless creatures, both pigs she willingly killed and actual slaves she tortured. Is this simply more intertext action happening here? Or is Laird not trying to reference the film? Either way, GInny is clearly as haunted as Clarice by her memories.


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