Land and Change

After our class discussion I became very interested in the symbolism of the well in Hunt’s novel. We discussed the well as a metaphor for loss in regards to the death of the unnamed first narrator’s child. It was also discussed that the well may exist as a place of purity versus impurity and a place where those two opposites mingle. However, I was most interested in the how the well (and other instances) note the unchanging nature of the land within Kind One.

The first well is filled in, however, the unchanging force of the land leads a new well to be dug which exists well into the future. It remains while people leave and die, like the first narrators child, and continues on despite the world around it. But more important than the physical presence of the land, is the emotional presence it holds. Ginny’s father states,“The land is the land and the land washes itself clean.” But what is this saying?

It is evident that evil and unpleasant deeds occur within the realm of Linus’ property, and within the world as a whole. The beating of slaves, the spousal abuse, rape, etc – yet the land exists throughout these, it “washes itself clean.”


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