To choose one idea to discuss at the moment is hard. There are many re-occuring themes that keep appearing. 

“Sometime am I

All wound with adders who with cloven tongues

Do hiss me into madness.”  This is on the page before chapter one begins, I used that as a backdrop as I read the first section of the novel, and the section for today. I had to do a little translating though. Adders are snakes, who have cloven tongues, but the devil also has cloven hooves. I kept this in mind while on page 17 Ginny tells the reader that she was a demon. As well, on this first page we see the mention of shackles, which continues to appear in todays reading. 

There is a lot of foreshadowing in this novel, a reference to one thing like the shackles or to Ginny’s scar on her ankle makes the reader think about what has been done to her. We see Shackles again when Linus put Zinnia in a shed for three days on a chain in the back that Ginny specifically told us at 37 1/2 links. When I first read that line, I knew that that was too specific for her to mention, that she, at some point, saw these links far too closely. Linus in this moment also threatens Zinnia that he was through the shackles and drop them down the well. 

Along with the shackle references, as mention in our last class, there are many references to the well. I have been contemplating the well’s place in this novel for the entirety of it. It seems that the well and references to falling, is a metaphor for being in a situation that is unchanging. As well it seems to be a comparison between her and the slaves.  In her marriage she was not a working girl, but she was a slave to her life. 

After Linus’s death, we see Zinnia and Cleome seeking revenge on Ginny, who then becomes a slave to them. Again, we have a reference to the well on page 87, along with the description of where the well is, the narrator makes a point to add that rocks get dropped into the well. This is not the first time rocks are mentioned. Earlier in the text she mentions sleeping like a stone. Perhaps the stones in pockets, and them dropping into wells is a metaphor for being weighed down by life and what is has brought. The man from the beginning, filling his pockets with the rocks after his babies death, the rocks are the weight of his sorrow and pain. The rocks being thrown into the well represent the fall to the end. 

A lot is going on in this novel in regards to metaphor. Hunt has really put a lot of work into having many things appear multiple times for the reader to be able to draw connections in the text. What I have seen in the text to this point includes: rocks/stones, red rope (the kills), pigs, digging of holes(mentioned in the end of todays reading), slavery, shackles, truth(stories-flamethrowers), punishment, deep dark well, falling, tongues. 

Also I want to make note that on page 58, Ginny says that she would rather die than keep living with Linus’s husband ways. 


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