Slave narrative

This is a link to an explanation of the typical “slave narrative,” especially concerning slavery in America. The parts I found most interesting were under the headings “Frequent Pattern” and “Frequently Repeated Motifs.”  I think it will be interesting to begin to consider Ginny as the slave narrator in this text.

The text does seem to fit some of the characteristics outlined on this website. Here are some of the points that it makes about slave narratives that definitely relate to what we’ve already read and discussed about Ginny:

  • The slave narrative…”[e]xposes physical and emotional abuses of slavery: scenes of whipping, sexual abuse, starvation, especially of women or children”
  • The slave narrative “[d]escribes quest for literacy”
  • “In the slave narrative the mythological pattern is realized in four chronological phases.” (loss of innocence, mortification, escape, freedom obtained)

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