Linus Lancaster

Because it’s still so early in the story, I feel like I’m unable to comment on most of what has happened so far because so much of it is still unexplained. However, I wanted to pause for a moment on Linus Lancaster and his singing ability. When Ginny first mentioned that Linus had a beautiful singing voice, I was truly surprised. Even from the small portion of Linus we’ve seen so far, it is clear that he is a hideous person. To learn that something beautiful could come out of something so ugly was unexpected. Ginny says of Linus’s singing “I did not cry when I heard Linus Lancaster sing. But I listened and I knew I was hearing something” (47). Ginny may feel that his singing is similar to the way in which he wooed her. We aren’t given many details as to why she accepted his marriage offer (other than his false claims of wealth) but he may have appeared to be more loving than he actually was. It seems that false appearances may be a theme with Linus, and I’m interested to see where it leads.


One comment on “Linus Lancaster

  1. I, too, find it interesting that such an awful character would be given such a beautiful talent. He is a hard man and a phony. He doesn’t allow Ginny to sing or read anything other than the Bible. But what is it about his singing that makes me think that there may be hope for him? Why does he pause in front of the stage at the fair? Although I may think that the singing could give him potential to redeem himself, I know this cannot be true because of Ginny’s frequent returns to the present, when she is alone and bitter. It will be interesting to see if Linus’ singing means anything more than it presents.

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