Dear Scooter MacIntosh

On pages 94-95, Johnnie gives us the content of the very first letter she sent to Scooter. I’m not quite sure what I expected it to be, although I was surprised at the clear-headedness and maturity Johnnie seemed to have written the letter with. She begins by asking questions about places in her hometown – the reason seems to be because she wants to remember those places, not necessarily for the purpose of engaging Scooter MacIntosh in a conversation.

The rest of the letter is interesting because she seems to explain why she will be adamant about corresponding with Scooter: “Because in your sport heart means taking a hundred punches in the face and ribs, standing up getting back in, being caught in an armbar or choke or clench…In my sport, heart is more about believing I can accomplish anything with my words.” (95) She doesn’t seem infatuated by Scooter himself, rather she is more concerned with her infatuation with writing. I’m not sure how she went from that to being so involved and obsessed with Scooter, but I am glad she was able to re-evaluate her actions at the end, and move on to other stories.


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