“Local Haunts”

“But it is much more likely that I am the ghost in this scenario. We who haunt bring attention and focus to our subjects. We bring a kind of obsession, one which is inevitable and fixed, but which is inexplicable and ethereal. Our subjects may feel overwhelmed by our attentions, they may recoil…We ghosts appreciate luminescence as the attribute that improves recognition of the self. When we glow, we are seen.” (page 55)

In trying to make sense of Johnnie’s intentions behind her obsession with Scooter, I thought this passage was an interesting excuse and or reason why she follows him like she does. We step away from focusing on Scooter, if only for a moment, and hone in on Johnnie’s purpose as a writer/journalist, as well as writers/journalists in general (by the way she words the statement). Johnnie seems to be attempting to justify her obsession with Scooter by hinting that it is necessary for her in order to be successful. She has to have a high level of devotion towards Scooter in order to gain recognition for writing about him; for writing about a topic that is “unconventional” for women writers. In another sense, however, Johnnie’s obsession seems to be getting a little out of hand, and I have to wonder if and/or when she will draw the line.

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