In class we discussed the idea of home.  The quote in particular was, “I long to long for a home.”  I feel that the general connotation gained from the class and its position in the book led me to believe that she wished she could even care about being homesick or just being homesick.  However after reading through Sparrow’s paper I find a quote discussing Lingis’ nature.  “Lingis is a constant wanderer and a cosmopolitan philosopher par excellence, perpetually in search of sensations and constantly giving expression, or the closest thing to it, to the sensualist he encounters.”  I can’t help but to feel these are the relationship between Lingis and Johnnie.  Perhaps Lingis is the philosophical Johnnie.  Constantly somewhere else covering everyone else’s obsession yet she has no connection to home that can be afforded through her pursuit of sensualist encounters.  It’s clear both in the book and real life Lingis’ exploration of sensual expression was sought through and a causation of his travels.  Johnnie’s own interactions with Scooter were fantasy driven expressions of ambiguous truth yet sexually charged sensuality.


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