I kind of read Johnny’s emails (it wasn’t obvious, but when she said 73 hours instead of so many days, then referenced laptops to connect to) to Scooter like an obsessed fan writing towards her favorite celebrity. If Scooter had a Twitter or Facebook account, Johnny would be all over that. And I get where she’s coming from, it’s not often you sort-of know someone from your own town who’s famous, even if it’s in a niche community (cage fighting, as it turns out). I would be psyched to know someone from my tiny town who somehow became famous. But I think Johnny takes it a little too far.

She’s Facebook stalking him without the Facebook. Stalking is even mentioned in the novel, and although Johnny is self-aware that her emails to Scooter can come off as overenthusiastic, naive, and very creepy, she seems to throw it off like a joke. It’s not just fan-mail she’s writing, but a sort of unequal correspondence. Scooter is desperately trying to keep this woman at arm’s length while Johnny is determined to make herself closer. If she can’t get information from him, she’ll talk about herself (which in turn tells the audience) in the hopes that it’ll somehow make Scooter closer. I certainly wouldn’t share personal information for someone who is basically a stranger, for all intents and purposes, no matter how much of a celebrity they are. Friendships and relationships are usually gradual, with the two parties knowing more about each other in roughly equal amounts over time. In Foreign Correspondence, Scooter knows way too much stuff that he doesn’t want to know, while Johnny hardly knows anything beyond interviews that even Scooter doesn’t enjoy. It bewilders me how Johnny thinks that this might eventually work out, even to the point of romance (although she admits that this is a little far-fetched).

I find it quite creepy as well that the author decided not to include ANY of Scooter’s replies, only referring to them by Johnny to Johni. I think this had the great affect of making Scooter even seem MORE detached than he already was to the story – figuratively, Johnny is not getting a clue from his short responses, seeking connection just as we are because we have no idea what he’s saying. It makes me relate to Johnny, almost forcibly because we both want knowledge of some mysterious man (of mostly her imagination). I liked reading the parts where Johnny was making up these little details about him, not exactly specific but created a sort of character that Scooter wasn’t actually like in reality. She’s sort of making up for the lack of knowledge about him, and possibly creating a barrier for when she might discover something about him she doesn’t like. For me, Johnny doesn’t exactly come off as normal, and I wonder just how far she’ll take it.


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