This is a bit of an odd connection, perhaps even one that holds no weight. However, to me, it is a small persistent bit that caught my eye. That connection is sandwiches. You may have noticed, Johnnie has a bit of a fascination with sandwiches. On page 7, Johnnie mentions that Alphonso is eating a sandwich when she arrives at his house. She then states that he “…has not thought enough to provide a second sandwich” (Howard 7). Later on, when Johnnie describes her first time in person with Scooter, she talks about how unprepared he is for her.  On page 19, she talks about how Scooter is shirtless and doesn’t feel she “may never be welcome” (Howard 20) in Scooter’s home. Continuing the sandwich trend, in one of her letters to Scooter, Johnnie speaks trivially of her favorite sandwich and asks Scooter about his. Although it is a minor piece, I feel like it holds some sort of value in the connection I have been seeing. I believe Alphonso is the kind of “right under your nose” type of guy for Johnnie. She is so caught up with her infatuation in Scooter, she doesn’t realize how Alphonso is the physical presence of the absence of Scooter’s. To tie the two aforementioned concepts together, on page 75, I noticed that while describing the breakfast Alphonso prepared for her, she states that Alphonso made her a vegetable sandwich to take with her. This shows that Alphonso cares enough about Johnnie to provide for her and also exploits how Scooter does not, through the sandwich connection.


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