As I finished the last half of Foreign Correspondent I  thought about the question of why the mixed martial arts were included in this book. On page eighty-eight, that question was answered loud and clear by Johnnie’s jiu-jitsu instructor when she asks about a specific, famous guillotine choke (presumably performed by Scooter): “Don’t get hung up on the differences. Focus on the similarities, he says” (Howard 88). How does this answer the question of why fighting is mentioned throughout the book? Because the nature of fighting – searching for the similarities in holds to better prepare yourself to reverse those holds – is the exact opposite of what Johnnie claims the nature of her correspondence is. For Johnnie, her correspondence is meant to find the variation of those things which fill the void, as we’ve discussed. What is fascinating about this explanation of correspondence is that Johnnie goes on to say, “much of my life’s work is built on replications rather than reversals” (Howard 2). After discovering this connection between Johnnie’s correspondence and Johnnie’s jiu-jitsu training, this use of the word “reversal” can hardly be coincidental.

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